Copy that!

Copy that!
Use Copies Direct to buy printed or digital copies from our collections
19 January 2017

What do you do if an item you want is not yet available in digital form? What if it is still in the hard copy collections of the National Library of Australia, or another library? What can you do if you want a higher quality copy of some digital text or photos? 

Trove is the answer to these questions. Trove is your gateway to Copies Direct

Painting of Beijing shop signs

Zhou, Peichun. (1860). [Beijing dian pu zhao huang hua ce = Painting of Beijing shop signs],

What is Copies Direct?

Copies Direct is a fee paid service that delivers scans or copies directly to your desktop or mailbox within a reasonable time. It is an easy-to-use service provided by the National Library of Australia. As long as your request complies with copyright laws, you can get copies of:

  • pictures, including photographs, drawings and other art works
  • maps and charts
  • manuscript materials such as letters, diaries, and other forms of unpublished work
  • oral history transcripts and recordings
  • journal articles
  • book chapters
  • newspaper and magazine pages and articles

Trove newspaper article

WEDDING (1949, May 19). Townsville Daily Bulletin (Qld. : 1907 - 1954), p. 6, 

How it works

Imagine you are a researcher, who wants a physical or digital copy of some of the maps in A voyage to Terra Australis by Matthew Flinders. 

Trove screenshot

There are three options for ordering:

  1. The shortest option to order the maps is to click on the ‘View online’ button. Once you have clicked on that button you will be taken into the item in Trove. Click on the little trolley, and you will be stepped through the process to order the maps from Copies Direct.

Trove screenshot


2. If you click on ‘At National Library’, it takes you to the library catalogue where you can select 'order a copy' from the 'Get this tab' and follow the steps.

Screenshot of National Library catalogue

3. If you open the Trove record by selecting the title, the ‘Buy’ button will also lead you to Copies Direct service where you can order your copy. 

Trove screenshot

Select ‘Order now’, and follow the steps to place your online order. The Copies Direct team will contact you if they encounter any issues with your order.


(1928). Reverend John Flynn at Manly Manse with Nancy and Catherine Williams, daughters of Reverend Thomas Jamieson Williams,

What else can you get?

What if an item you want is not held at the National Library? The Copies Direct ‘Anywhere’ service can source the item for you from anywhere around Australia or the world. Limitations on what copies can be provided will usually be because of copyright restrictions on the work, or rights holder’s decisions about how their works may be used. The Copies Direct team will advise on copyright restrictions if there is any doubt, including the names and details of copyright holders for you to obtain permission if this is possible.

For many people, a visit to the National Library to conduct research or study is not possible, but Trove makes it easy for you to get high quality copies from our collections no matter what part of Australia or the world you’re in.

Next time when you need a copy, try Copies Direct

Painting of sailing ship

McCrae, George Gordon. ([188-?]). [Sailing ship],

I just love Copies Direct! Especially for us regional researchers it's brilliant, and I'm happy that my taxes go to services like it.
Thank you, Lisa!
Hi Copies direct friends...where can I find a schedule of charges for this service? Cheers Bob
See here Bob. It's a very reasonably priced service.