The National Library of Australia, in collaboration with the State Library of South Australia and under the auspices of IFLA PAC, has produced a set of preservation microfilming training material consisting of 10 modules, 6 wall charts, a logbook, a learning guide, a glossary/index and a small kit of practical training aids. The training material, Training in Preservation Microfilming, is the result of an IFLA PAC survey on microfilming training needs in the South East Asia and Pacific region conducted in 2001.

 Training in Preservation Microfilming conforms to the accredited Australian preservation microfilming curriculum, and when delivered by an accredited agency, may be used for formal qualifications or to recognize current competencies. The resource could also be used as a guide to microfilming basics for those not wishing to undertake formal training.

Training in Preservation Microfilming was primarily developed foruse in the Asia Pacific region and is in English. It is available as downloadable PDF documents from this web page. A small number of printed copies are also available. These kits contain some additional resources which are referred to throughout the various modules of the training materials.

If you wish to recieve a printed set of these training materials please email with your request.