Our newspaper collections include digitised historic and modern newspapers accessible online, as well as newspapers in microform and paper formats. We collect:

  • Australian newspapers—capital city dailies, major regional city newspapers, a range of other country town newspapers, newspapers published by ethnic groups and political organisations, and newspapers representing special interests. Our Library cooperates with the state and territory libraries through the Australian Newspaper Plan to collect, preserve and provide access to Australian newspapers, with each library taking responsibility for newspapers published in their jurisdiction.
  • Digitised Australian newspapers including the first newspaper published in Australia, the Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser, are freely available through Trove
  • Overseas newspapers—we have the largest collection of overseas newspapers in Australia. Our newspaper collections from Asia and the Pacific region are particularly strong.
  • Online versions of overseas and Australian newspapers through major full-text databases such as: Factiva, the Times Digital Archive, China Core Newspaper Database and many more - are available to registered users of the Library via our e-Resources.

Current newspapers in print

The Newspapers and Family History zone has current issues - usually the most recent 3 months - of all Australian capital city daily newspapers and a selection of overseas newspapers.

The Library also has many Australian newspapers published in languages other than English for the various ethnic communities in Australia. We also have a collection of foreign language newspapers published overseas. Newspapers can be found by title on the Library catalogue and also by subject terms or geographic location, see Searching the catalogue.

In copyright newspapers between 1955 and 1990 are available in print and microfilm. There are few indexes for this period so you will need a date and place in mind before you start your search.

Early historical newspapers between the 16th and 20th centuries and mainly from the US and the UK are available online via eResources. You will need a National Library card to access some eResources. Some eResources can only be accessed onsite at the Library.

Early historical Australian newspapers between 1803 and 1955 are available online through the Trove database.

Current newspapers post 1990 are more likely to be online. You can explore many online newspapers in eResources.

Library PressDisplay provides access to over newspapers in 40 languages from more than 80 countries. See Digital Newspapers for more information.