How to identify and locate standards from Australia and overseas

What information do you need?

Standards can be identified in three main ways:

  • Standard number,  e.g. AS/NZS 2032: 2006 (prefix + number: year)
  • Standard title, e.g. Installation of PVC pipe systems
  • Keyword: e.g. PVC pipe

You only need to know one of these elements to start planning your search.

Have you already identified the standard you need?

There are too many standards to list individually in the Library catalogue, but there are other ways to locate them:

  • To locate printed copies of standards, go to the Library Catalogue record. Use the 'In the Library' tab at the end of the record to request a copy of an individual standard to use in the Library's Main Reading Room. For requesting purposes, standards are treated like an issue of a journal. You need to type in the number of the standard in the space provided for the volume number.

Do you need more details before you can search?

If you need more details to identify a particular standard, you can search for a standard number, title or subject/keyword.

  • To identify current standards, use a site such as the freely available SAI Global Infostore which provides information on Australian, ISO and a range of other international standards. 
  • To find older standards, visit the Library and consult a printed index.